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I promise I won't tell anyone that you're rich.

Nick still can't swim very well.

You're courteous.

What name did you give the bird?

Moore, this is exactly what we were talking about.

It doesn't seem to me that they are sweating.

This is a unique situation.


What have you done to him?

Without water, we can not survive.

I think it's fascinating.

It's your terrible arrogance that makes you totally unbearable.

Olivier was barefoot.


Kathryn waters his lawn at least once a week when there's no rain.


Eat whatever food you like.


French was the language of diplomacy.

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That was my only comfort.

Unfortunately, they aren't so good.

Danny dropped out of bartending school.

Carl looked very happy.

Am I going to run into Jacobson tonight?

Would you like me to get you something from the supermarket?

You are making it worse for yourself.

He did not have much time to work on his speech.

The day turned out fine after all.


Brenda didn't show up at the party.

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Unfortunately, princes don't tend to be handsome.

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He is anxious to please everybody.


That's what you told me.


My favorite color is blue.

Don't be greedy.

I work as a salesman.

They are afraid to say it publicly.

Andre is very hungry.

Roy knew who Lord said she was planning to get married to.

Chris did an outstanding job.

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Words are either windows or walls.


The answer is complicated.


Oliver won the fishing tournament.

Love is a kind of madness.

The elephant's skin is very tough.

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Who did Batman save?

He walks like a duck.

She was saving herself for marriage.

I like this song. It has a nice rhythm and is danceable.

Add two ounces of grated cheese.

We will endeavour to finish the job by the end of the week.

Can you fix the flat tire now?


Cyrus is not on good terms with his family.

I won't tell anyone.

She is capable of handling the circumstances.

The event starts at 1am.

Where is the printer?


That's what I've been trying to tell you.

The knife we used to cut the bread with was sharp.

Let's jump into the water at the same time!

The spinal column is composed of twenty-four bones.

Markus became a teacher.

They were injured in a car accident.

Did you finish your homework?


Edgar is good at gymnastics.

Human as a biological being belongs to the animal world.

This is an incredible result.

It's a threat.

Tell Leif I'm coming right over.


I must go now.

She needed you.

If I could explain it, I would.


We're not the bad guys.

If anyone can do it, it's you.

I didn't expect you to like that.

Will you ever tell me your age?

Jorge advised Horst to save a little money each month.

Loren and Carl got married on Christmas Eve.

Would you prefer to speak in English?


I should've gone home.

Where are the plates?

I wonder what's wrong with Edward.

Don't beat about the bush.

My wet clothes clung to my body.

Today is the last day of our vacation.

I don't think Sangho is in Boston.

I'm sorry, I'm not allowed to give you that information.

The Ariake Sea is one of the biggest tidelands in Japan.

I have to clean my teeth.

Amedeo didn't have a ticket.


Stephan knocked again.


Though worried and harried and tried, he won through at the last.

"What would happen if I touched a painting?" "I think an alarm would sound off."

I cannot agree to your proposal as regards the deadline.

Nothing can stop him.

I don't think you can sell that.

He is no more a fool than you are.

I need everybody cleared out of here, at once.

He fell into the bottomless pit.

She's brave and honest.

These students work hard, but it's not that much efficient.

I am basking in the spring sun.


I think I'd rather not know.

I'm sorry, I didn't hear that.

We're dedicated.


It's a shame to be Russian.


The fact cannot be denied.


He said that he had a lot of money.

This is the letter for my friend.

They're clearly not happy that they got stuck with that job.

Do you want to pray?

Everybody except him thanked the critic for her honest opinion.


Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain.


It will be a masterpiece!

I'll ask them if you like.

Visit us tomorrow.

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What did he really mean by that?

What's that thing over there?

Many a story has been told about him.

It'll be cold.

I want you to think about it very carefully.

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It takes patience to do this.


I hope that changes soon.

One of them is probably lying.

Mat is in the kitchen, having a late-night snack.

His eyes are set.

I owe you thirty thousand.


I assume that was Lars's idea.

We will not be beholden to special interests.

Let's check it.


Nici is still awake.

It means too much to me.

The two are not in the same category.

She can make her own dresses.

The birds jumped from branch to branch.

Vincenzo was snuggled up in an armchair watching TV.

I think I'm in big trouble.

This tree is about 300 years old.

I suggest you get back to work.


He picked up the phone.

I actually agree with him.

Excuse me, could someone tell me where the bathroom is?

Vincent lacks flexibility.

To make money is not the purpose of life.

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How did you get in such a pickle?


I think Syed was only joking.


He is an artist in a sense.

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Uri won't get away.

Unlike most of mustelids who lead a settled lifestyle, wolverines constantly wander in search of prey on their individual plots of land occupying up to 1500-2000 square kilometers.

I suspected as much.

Men must not dress in black and white clothes because it is said that this brings bad luck.

Saul could say no.

She's loved by her friends.

Is Syed dying?

Didn't you get my letter?

You're a jerk.


Around that time I was still doing a number of days overtime.

Strange to say, the teacher didn't scold me.

I should admit my mistakes.


I'm getting tired.

Let's go find a place that serves Buffalo wings.

I worry about you.

I must report this to her.

Have you noticed anything strange?